People’s Assembly Speaker announces receiving eight new applications to run for President


People’s Assembly Speaker Hammoudeh Sabbagh announced that the People’s Assembly received on Monday eight notifications from the Supreme Constitutional Court that Mohammad Bashar Fayez Yasin al-Sabbagh, Mohammad Haider al-Shoujaa, Walid Nazem al-Attar , Mohammad Ghassan Ahmad al-Jazaeri , Abeer Habib Salman , Anwar Shalash Al-Qaddah , Ahmed Mohi El Din Al Hallaq and Mohammed Nasser Ahmed Al-Bukai submitted applications to run for president , raising the total number of the submitted applications up to 29 till now.

On April 18th, Speaker of the People’s Assembly announced the commencement of candidacy for Presidential elections as of Monday April 19th till April 28th.

Source : SANA