Russian laboratory: positive results for 3 samples of corona vaccine


The Russian Viktor Center for Epidemiology and Virology has announced that initial tests on 3 models of the vaccine against Corona virus have been successfully completed.

Novosti news agency quoted the director of the center, Rinat Maksyotov, as saying that a number of teams that include more than 100 specialists are working on producing a first-generation vaccine against the Corona virus, pointing out that the three models of the vaccine succeeded in creating immunity among the infected to deal with the virus.

“The most important thing is to have protection from the virus in people who will be vaccinated,” Maxiotov said, adding that “producing a safe and able drug that creates this immunity is the most difficult.”

Meanwhile, Maxiotov announced the discovery of more than 100 strains of the emerging corona virus in Russia since the first infected people appeared.

Source : Sana