The Cuban President: the need to address the campaigns of misinformation faced by his country


Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel stressed the need to address the campaigns of misinformation and distortion of the facts that his country is exposed to through some media platforms, describing it as “a very aggressive act.”

Diaz Canel stressed while presiding over the cabinet meeting in the Cuban capital, Havana, on the importance of preserving the results achieved by the Cuban revolution despite external threats.

Diaz Canel noted the health system used in his country to counter the outbreak of the new Corona virus and said that “80 percent of those who reach a critical stage because of the virus die in the world, especially in countries that follow neoliberal policies, while Cuba was able to save 80% of them despite the unjustified blockade imposed It has been around for nearly six decades, “noting that these countries have a health system” that does not deal seriously and humanly “with their people, and that health is a” commodity, not a right “.

Diaz Canel had renewed on the fifth of last May its demand to cancel the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the West on some countries, stressing that they violate international law and the United Nations Charter and limit the ability of these countries to effectively confront the Corona virus pandemic.

Source : Sana