A new measure affecting Rami Makhlouf: ending his investments in the Syrian free markets


The General Establishment of the Syrian Territories has terminated occupancy contracts and their annexes concluded with the “free-market investor”, as I described it in the decision without mentioning his name, which is a new measure affecting businessman Rami Makhlouf.

The decision included nine free markets, at ports, airports and border crossings, such as the free market at Damascus airports, Aleppo, and Al-Basel International, in addition to Nasib and Bab Al-Hawa border posts, and the ports of Latakia and Tartous.

In the merits of Resolution 526 issued on the 25th of this month, and according to the decision of the Corporation’s Board of Directors held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Economy, the Foundation stated that it came “given the fact that the free-market investor has taken from his facilities a means of smuggling goods and money.”

The investor’s decision is given a period of 15 days to pay “all debts owed to him in favor of the public authorities,” and a period of 30 days to “take out the goods in the free market,” whether by placing them in local consumption or re-exporting them, then handing the buildings and warehouses to the public agencies that belong to them.

In the four-page decision, the establishment threatened the investor by saying that in the event that it does not comply with these deadlines, the public authorities will “take what is necessary” to open customs warehouses and duty-free shops, inventory their assets and transfer them to the warehouses belonging to them and “consider these goods as a guarantor of the rights of the authorities” The public, and coordinating with other public bodies to take legal measures to sell them and collect their rights and those ’rights.

Those markets are invested by the “Syria Duty Free” company, which is owned by the company “Ramak” belonging to Makhlouf.

The Syrian government has taken a number of measures against Makhlouf and his companies, since he refused to pay the amount of 134 billion Syrian pounds requested by the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority, and the measures escalated, leading to the seizure of movable and immovable funds belonging to Makhlouf and his wife, and the appointment of a judicial guard for the company “Syriatel” It is one of his major investments in Syria.

Osama Younes – Source: RT