Education Ministry ends school year of kindergarten and some grades of basic education stage


Education Ministry on Saturday announced the end of school year of kindergarten and the classes from first to fourth of basic education stage , and suspension of school attendance of the classes from fifth to eight of basic education as of April 5th , 2021.

The Ministry said that the student attendance of ninth grade and secondary school stage will continue according to the study plan, and that the exams will be conducted for 10th and 11th grades from April 25th to 29th.

The Ministry made it clear that the results of first semester and the oral tests of the second semester will be the rule for the success or failure regarding kindergarten and the basic school education from first to fourth grades, noting that exams of the basic education stage of classes from fifth to eight will be conducted from April 25th to 29th, and the high school final exams of various branches and the Basic Education (9th grade) and Sharia preparatory school certificates will remain on the scheduled dates according to the approved programs.

Director of School Health Department, Dr. Haton al- Tawashi said that the Ministry’s decision came as a result of increasing the number of corona infections in schools, especially among the teachers.

In a relevant context, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced suspension of attendance in public and private universities and institutions for two weeks as of April 5th to 17th.

Source : SANA