Global health: We may return to normal next year with the…

الصحة العالمية: قد نعود إلى الوضع الطبيعي العام القادم مع ظهور اللقاحات

The director of emergency programs at the World Health Organization, Mike Ryan, suggested that it will be possible to return globally to normal, next year with the emergence of anti-corona virus vaccines.

“I think that life as we know it is very possible, but we will have to continue with health measures and social distancing,” Ryan said in a statement to the Irish TV channel RTE.

He continued, “Vaccines do not mean zero Covid. The emergence of vaccines, in addition to our current procedures, will allow us to actually flatten the curve, avoid closure and achieve effective disease control.”

He called for reducing the chances of spreading the infection, especially during the Christmas period, noting the need to avoid large gatherings of people.

Source : Al Khaleej Today