Shoukry: Turkish Interference in Syria Harms Entire Region


Egypt’s Foreign Minister (FM) Sameh Shoukry expressed on Thursday his deep concern over “the destructive intervention” of some regional forces in Syria, in a virtual ministerial meeting of the Small Group on Syria.

Shoukry asserted that the Turkish presence in Syria damages not only Syria itself, but also severely harms the entire region; therefore, plans to fuel extremism and transfer foreign terrorist fighters should not be tolerated,” according to Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Hafez.

Shoukry also declared Egypt’s complete support for the Constitutional Committee in order to achieve its desired goals, stressing the importance of pushing forward the political path in its various dimensions.

The Foreign Minister also stated that his country rejects any attempts to make forced demographic changes in Syria.

He also called on the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC) to develop a balanced formula that would ensure fair representation of the various opposition groups in the decision-making process which would contribute to reaching a comprehensive political settlement to the ten-year Syrian crisis.

“Based on an Egyptian stance that supports the necessity of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis, Shoukry participates in the Syria Small Group Virtual Ministerial Meeting, and stresses the determinants of the Egyptian position regarding the Syrian crisis,” Hafez wrote on Twitter.

Source : See Syria