Maduro: Venezuelan scientists have invented a treatment that eliminates Corona


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that scientists from his country were able to invent a drug to treat the emerging corona virus.

“The studies lasted for six months, and the results showed that the treatment completely and completely eliminates the virus that causes Covid-19, without any toxic effect on the healthy particles,” Maduro added, in a speech he broadcast on Twitter.

According to President Maduro, in the coming days, his country will deliver the results of the work carried out by the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research to the World Health Organization.

He added, “When we get the approval of the World Health Organization, we will start looking for international alliances to produce large quantities of this treatment.”

Maduro confirms that “the drug that eliminates the Corona virus” depends on “the DR10 molecule, which is used to treat hepatitis C, human papillomavirus, and Ebola.”

Source: TASS