Al-Jafara: Golan is a Syrian territory that we struggle to restore completely


Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, reaffirmed that the occupied Golan was and will remain a Syrian territory that we struggle to restore completely until the line of June 4th 1967, stressing that this issue is non-negotiable, blackmailed and can’t be prescribed.

Syria has always kept on informing Security Council and the General Secretariat of the United Nations about the violations and hostile practices of the Israeli occupation in the occupied Syrian Golan, among them, forcing our citizens in the Golan to register their real estate properties at the occupation authorities’ departments and stealing areas of their lands to set up air turbines there and Judaizing the Golan,” Al-Jaafari added in a statement to the Security Council on Monday about the situation in the Middle East.

Al-Jaafari expressed Syria’s strong objection to the method adopted by the UN envoy to the Middle East, Nicolay Mladenov, in his periodic briefings and his deliberate neglect of talking about the situation in the occupied Syrian Golan and the developments there in light of the aggressive and continuing criminal practices of the Israeli occupation authorities and the decisions issued by the US administration recently which represent a flagrant violation of international law and the provisions of the Charter and the decisions of the Security Council and the General Assembly on the Syrian Golan and other occupied Arab lands, foremost of which is Resolution No. 497 for 1981.

He wondered how long would the Security Council remain silent about the Israeli occupation continued grave violations of human rights and humanitarian, international law in the occupied Syrian Golan since 1967, including settlement, discrimination, arbitrary detention, torture and the looting of Golan natural resources.

The Syrian diplomat pointed out that the stability of the Middle East region and the credibility of the United Nations require taking measures to ensure the implementation of international resolutions related to ending the Israeli occupation of the occupied Arab lands, including the Syrian Golan and withdrawing from it until the fourth of June 1967 line, in accordance with the relevant United Nations’ resolutions, particularly Resolutions 242, 338, 497 and 2334.

Al-Jaafari stressed that those who think that the difficult conditions to which Syria is passing through would change the reality that Golan was and still remains a Syrian territory that we struggle to restore completely, are mistaken.

He reiterated Syria’s full support for the right of the Palestinian citizens in self- determination and the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Source : SANA