Zarif supports the people of Lebanon


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif posted a tweet on “Twitter”, in which he deplored the government and people of Lebanon against the background of the huge explosion that hit the port of Beirut today.

Zarif wrote: “Our hearts are with the Lebanese people in this great disaster. Mercy for the martyrs, patience and solace for the families of the victims and the recovery of the wounded.

And he added: “Peace from God and mercy to this proud nation.”

A huge explosion shook the port of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, this afternoon, and Director General of Customs Badri Daher said that nitrate may be the cause of the explosion.

Sources told “Reuters” that the explosion killed at least 10 people, while Lebanese officials confirmed the occurrence of large numbers of wounded.

Source: “Muhammad Jawad Zarif – Twitter”