The Kremlin: Putin is open to dialogue but regarding Trump’s call for the G7 we need more details


Kremlin spokesman said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is open to dialogue in all directions but regarding his US counterpart Donald Trump‘s call for the we need more details”We do not yet know the details of this proposal, and we do not know whether it is official,” Peskov told reporters today, noting that this is an invitation to Russia and other countries to the Group of Seven.

Pyskov added: “There are more questions about the mechanism (by which Russia will be invited to participate in the international forum), on the agenda, on the rest of the participants, etc.”

Peskov stressed that “Russian President Vladimir Putin is supportive and open to dialogue in all directions, but in this case, to respond to such initiatives (Trump‘s call), we need to obtain more information, which we unfortunately do not have at the moment.”

“There are very comfortable and effective mechanisms for international dialogue for all participants, such as the G20, which allow the world’s leading economies to discuss the most urgent problems,” the presidential spokesman added.

On Sunday, US President Donald Trump announced that he had decided to postpone the G7 summit in the United States to next September, and that he was seeking to invite Russia to this meeting.

Source: Interfax