Republicans’ aversion to Trump policies escalates


With the growing discontent with the policies of US President Donald Trump, dozens of Republicans from former US National Security officials have started to form a group that supports his Democratic rival in the upcoming presidential election, Joe Biden, according to Reuters.

“The group includes at least 24 officials who served under former US presidents from the Republican Party, and talk about the accession of dozens of other officials is also underway,” the agency quoted unidentified, unidentified sources as saying, noting that the group would openly support Biden in the coming weeks and urge the Republican Party to view the latter as a better option, despite political differences, and that Trump‘s four-year presidency will endanger the national security of the United States.

According to the sources, this initiative is led by John Bellinger III and Ken Weinstein, both of whom held senior positions under former US President George W. Bush.

The group could be announced before the Democratic Party conference in August, which is supposed to officially announce Biden‘s nomination to run for the next American presidential race against Trump.

Polls show a great advantage for Biden in front of Trump and in recent weeks, the US president has drawn sharp criticism from several retired military leaders and former members of his administration, against the backdrop of his threat to suppress anti-racist protests using military force.

Source : Sana