Putin: We hope the war against the Corona virus will end in 3 months


Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the difficult situation facing the country’s small and medium-sized companies due to pressure on the Russian economy and the spread of Corona.

Putin said during a meeting with representatives of the Russian business sector on Thursday, that the authorities are aware of the difficult economic situation experienced by small and medium-sized companies.

The Russian President expressed his hope that the war against the Corona virus will end in two or three months.On the isolation measures, Putin stressed that the quarantine measures taken against the Corona virus are coercive and temporary.He indicated that it will be effective against the Corona virus, and that the measures will be more severe the shorter the period of application.

In a speech to the nation yesterday, Putin announced a series of exceptional economic and social measures to support the business sector in light of the consequences of the spread of Corona.

Among these measures, the Russian President suggested postponing the payment of taxes due to small and medium-sized companies, with the exception of value-added tax and insurance premiums, and imposing a tax on a specific segment of bank deposits.

Source: Agencies