Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue their criminal practices against the Syrians and the use of water as a weapon of war against civilians in Hasaka


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants confirmed that the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist mercenaries are continuing their criminal practices against civilians in the city of Hasaka and its population centers by cutting off their drinking water for the third day by preventing the pumping of water from the Alok source, the main source of the city’s water supply.

In two letters the Ministry addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council, SANA received a copy of them today: For the third consecutive day from the Alouk water station and its wells feeding it deliberately and systematically, which led to depriving more than 600 thousand Syrian citizens, most of them children and women, of drinking water, knowing that the station is the only water source for the residents of the region currently.

In its two letters in this regard, the Foreign Ministry indicated that the Turkish regime bombed the Alouk Station last October during its brutal aggression on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, which led to its suspension from work. Al-Hasakah governorate of water. Unfortunately, the Security Council, the General Secretariat, or the relevant international organizations have not moved to condemn the Turkish regime’s bombing of this vital civilian facility or to the Turkish regime’s use of water as a weapon of war against civilians.

The letters on behalf of the Syrian Arab Republic demanded the Secretary-General and the Security Council to condemn the crimes of the rogue Turkish regime and obligate it to stop its violations of international law and international humanitarian law and the Charter of the United Nations and end its occupation of Syrian lands and stop its support for terrorist organizations and groups as well as the Secretary-General and the Security Council and specialized international organizations, especially the United Nations Children’s Fund and the organization Global Health and the United Nations Population Fund, as well as the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, to take immediate measures to ensure that drinking water continues to be pumped from Alok station to the population of Al-Hasaka and Al-Tagamu Surroundings surrounding.