Trump: I am the first and this is a great honor


US President Donald Trump again boasted about his number of followers on social media, saying that was a great honor for him, and he said that Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was reported to be “the first”.

Trump tweeted today on his Twitter account and wrote: “A great honor, I think?” Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that (Donald J. Trump is number 1 on Facebook. Number 2 is India’s Prime Minister Modi) In fact, I’m going to India within two weeks. Looking forward to it! “.

Trump sang on January 7, saying: “I had dinner then with Mark Zuckerberg, and he said to me (I would like to congratulate you, you are the first on Facebook),” without specifying the date of the meeting. Trump’s speech came during a direct interview with right-wing broadcaster Rush Limbo.

A spokesman for “Facebook” pointed out that the last meeting between Trump and Zuckerberg took place last October. In the same interview, Trump stressed the importance of social media in delivering his messages, saying that we “will get lost” and “we will not be able to get the truth” without the “Twitter” platform, where about 70 million people follow him.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook CEO, says this social media site is responsible for Trump’s arrival at the White House. Bosworth denied that Russia had anything to do with the election of the US president or even the Cambridge Analytica Corporation, which collapsed after the scandal of obtaining data from millions of Facebook users and using it for political advertising.

Source: RT